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Ep. 6 - Why High-Ticket Programs Don't Work for Everyone (Especially Those with ADHD) Episode 6

Ep. 6 - Why High-Ticket Programs Don't Work for Everyone (Especially Those with ADHD)

· 19:21

In this episode, Jamie Cutino discusses the issue many people with ADHD face when it comes to utilizing high-ticket programs. She explores the reasons why these programs often don't work for individuals with ADHD and debunks the misconception that they should work for everyone.

1. The issue faced by people with ADHD when utilizing high-ticket programs
2. The misconception that high-ticket programs should work for everyone
3. The reasons why high-ticket programs may not be effective for individuals with ADHD
4. The value and effectiveness of high-ticket programs in general
5. The motivation behind purchasing business programs and the problem with these systems
6. The importance of personal experimentation in business
7. The common reasons why people with ADHD do not complete online courses they buy
8. Tips for setting scheduled times, reminders, and testing and tweaking methods for successful business growth
9. Jamie Cutino's unconventional methods to achieving success despite having ADHD
10. The role of unique problem-solving skills and ability to connect with individuals in unconventional ways

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