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Systems for High-Achieving ADHDers with Skye Waterson Episode 16

Systems for High-Achieving ADHDers with Skye Waterson

· 26:31

Are you looking for:
  • Practical strategies for ADHD?
  • How to build an ADHD friendly routine?
  • How to manage ADHD in the workplace?
  • What is it like to run a neurodiverse team?
PERFECT! You don't want to miss this episode!

Skye Waterson is an academic with over seven years of experience working in adult education. She has studied in various fields, including Psychology, Sociology, and Public Health, and is now a Doctoral Candidate in Population Health.

Skye was diagnosed with ADHD at the start of her doctorate. Since then, she has dedicated time to researching and disseminating ADHD studies, focusing on supporting others with strengths-based, neurodiverse-friendly tools and systems.

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