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Empowering ADHDers for 20+ Years with Tara McGillicuddy Episode 24

Empowering ADHDers for 20+ Years with Tara McGillicuddy

· 28:24

What if you didn't always have to "have it together" to be an expert?

Our Guest:

Tara McGillicuddy is celebrated for her dedication to causing deep, soulful shifts in life. Whether it’s helping people see their life more clearly, identifying areas where they’re stuck, or tuning into sacred energies, Tara commits her all to aid others in living fulfilled lives. With decades of impactful work in the ADHD community, she’s a creator of invaluable resources like ADDClasses.com and The ADHD Awareness Expo. Tara’s latest initiative, The Energy Shift, leverages her skills as an empath to foster further personal and community growth.

Tara's insights into the intersection of spirituality and ADHD management, especially how she combines her empathic abilities with practical ADHD strategies, are both enlightening and inspiring. If you’re struggling with ADHD or just interested in spiritual and energetic insights, you won’t want to miss what Tara has to share.

This episode covers:
  • That ADHD experts struggle, too!
  • The founder's story behind ADD Classes
  • Tara shares her personal journey from discovering her ADHD to becoming a pioneer in ADHD support and education.
  • Get an inside look into the ADDClasses 20th Anniversary Celebration and how you can participate for free!

Join the Celebration:

Don’t miss the ADDclasses 20th Anniversary Celebration. Register for free at 20th Anniversary Celebration.

Contact Jamie:
Remember, whether you’re a high-achieving woman with ADHD looking for a coach or an event planner seeking a wildly captivating speaker, visit outsmartadhd.co to get in touch!


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